Pros and Cons of Hair Transplant

Both men and women experience hair loss, and it may be due to so many things. Some causes of hair loss are temporal, but others are permanent. Fortunately, hair loss can be treated using some procedure, and one of these is hair transplant surgery. The transplant involves transferring hair-follicles from a part of the scalp with enough hair (the donor area) to the part suffering hair loss.

The method is suitable for treating permanent hair loss in people who wish to have their good look back. Moreover, the procedure can be employed to grow chest hairs, brow, and eyelashes. If you want to have the procedure and you are wondering how much it can cost and other involved issues, you can check out .

Advantages of Hair Transplant

Improvement in Appearance

improved appearanceThe most significant benefit of a hair transplant procedure is the aesthetic change that the patient acquires after the operation. The youthful look comes back, and you appear more handsome or beautiful without balding patches or a receding hairline. As a result, the procedure’s recipient gains more confidence in their social circles and other places.

Simple Procedure

You may be worried dead about the procedure’s safety and if it will leave you with nasty scars on the donor areas. Relax, the operation is quite simple and is done under local anesthesia, so it is safe. And the procedure does not have any severe complications unless one has undergone several grafts. Also, the donor area soon heals, and it may not even be possible to tell if there was any grafting done on those areas.


The scientific benefit of the procedure is the hair that grows is uniform and remains intact for many years. The overall distribution of follicles is not altered.

Disadvantages of hair transplant


costThe cost may be a bit high for some people and financially unviable. It would help such people sought other hair restoration methods like lifestyle and diet changes to treat hair loss. They can also try some products like shampoos that are claimed to restore hair.


In a few cases, the transplant may leave unnoticeable scars on some of the follicular insertion areas. However, the wounds may be noticed if one chooses to shave the hair. Additionally, there is a risk, although minimal, of the scars, not healing properly.

Generally, a hair transplant is an excellent hair loss restoration procedure, and its pros far outweigh the cons making it a better option to consider.