Top Reasons Stand-up Paddleboarding Is an Excellent Workout Option

Stand-up paddle boarding, commonly referred to as SUP, might look like a very easy thing to do. It does not seem challenging enough to qualify as a great workout option is what many would think. That is a great misconception. Once you step your foot on the board and head out into the waters, it will only take you a few paddles before you realize just how much effort you have to put into it. According to ISUP Master, this makes it one of the best workouts you will ever do. Some of the reasons that make it an excellent workout option include:

It strengthens the corewoman doing Stand-up Paddleboarding

Stand-up paddle boarding requires the use of almost all the muscles in your body at some point. It needs some good form of balance, which means that your leg muscles will be working harder to maintain the balance. Paddling to propel forwards utilizes your arms, shoulders, and back. The combination of all the movements you make ensures that the core abdominal and back muscles are actively involved.

You have maximum control of the workout

The workout does not have to be incredibly intense if you do not wish it to be. It can be a low impact workout, depending on how you handle the paddling and on the time you take on the board. You can paddle for as little as five minutes or go for hours if you wish to. Chances of you damaging the ligaments and tendons of your knees are almost nil. That makes it very suitable for people engaged in other sports to use it for exercise.

It can help you to improve balance

For those who do not have great body balance, Stand-up Paddleboarding can be an excellent way to make your balance better. You have to try to stay upright as you paddle, lest you fall into the water. Good balance will help you in many activities and sports.

It comes with health benefits

SUP comes with many health benefits as well, just as a great workout should. It allows you to improve your cardio’s fitness levels substantially, which translates into many other benefits in your body. You also burn a lot of calories during the workout session, translating into weight loss. All these benefits will reduce your chances of suffering a stroke, heart attack, or joint problems. It will also help you to relax and get rid of your stress.